How can you improve the diversity of your organisation? Begin with inclusion

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start in obtaining an accurate and objective measure of how inclusive your organisation is.

Our assessment software and approach use a range of data points to give a holistic view of workforce inclusion, targeted improvement suggestions and key measurements to use going forwards.

Regulatory compliance
External reputation and social impact
Why is an inclusive work environment important?
Talent attraction and talent development
Competitive advantage
Business performance
It’s the right thing to do

What can our tool do for you?


We provide an independent, objective review of your organisation’s inclusion culture and diversity data whilst retaining total employee anonymity to build trust and encourage participation


We compare leadership perception and understanding of their inclusion culture with how employees actually feel


We identify particular groups that aren't feeling included, and use our insights to support them to make changes


Private and secure tool
  • Respondent anonymity guaranteed
  • Secure platform to capture and hold personal data
  • Secure transfer portal for the organisation to share documents as needed
What you need when you need it
  • Accessible on any device
  • Annual review and progress assessment all in one place
  • Efficient capture and analysis of data
Our experts to support you
  • Expert analysis of output report
  • Detailed output report with bespoke recommendations
  • D&I benchmarking based on historic assessment data
Holistic approach
  • Diversity and inclusion experience data from employees and leaders collated
  • People policies, processes and inclusion governance reviewed
  • Targeted improvements based on your results and best practice insights shared
Assessment covers employee attraction, career development, strategic development, inclusive culture and external impact.

Why choose Inclusion Insights?

Leadership perception
Employee experience
Obtaining an accurate picture of inclusion within an organisation can be challenging if the culture prevents honest feedback from employees. This means leaders in an organisation are often disconnected from the experiences and feelings of their people.
Our tool enables us to find areas of misalignment between leadership and employees and make recommendations on how to address this.
Our approach
  • Is proven to increase diversity disclosures - driven by trust in external objective provider and our change management approach to encouraging responses. In one example, we saw ten times the number of employees disclose a disability compared to internal data capture
  • Supports effective leadership engagement through data led measurement and demonstrating inclusion in their areas of responsibility and in their parts of the business
  • Presents a data led view with anonymised stories and examples to bring the current picture to life
  • Provides targeted findings with ability to monitor progress going forwards
  • Shares best practice examples based on the challenges within your organisation
Our approach has also been recognised externally by the Council of Europe as an example of a good practice approach, and by the Women in Tech awards, where we have been shortlisted for DEI platform of the year 2022.
We collect diversity data from all respondents, which enables us to identify whether particular groups are feeling more excluded than others.
All this data is collected anonymously – we don’t ask for your name, and your organisation will only have access to summary data.
We then triangulate this with the outputs from policy and process assessments and the employee / leadership surveys to provide a holistic picture of how inclusive the organisation is. This then feeds into the recommendations we provide on where to focus your efforts to improve the inclusivity of your organisation.
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